Amazon FBA and Original Product Design

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Amazon is a great place to resell products but Amazon can be a great place to market and sell your own products. Even if you don't have a new idea, but just a change or betterment of an existing product, it maybe possible to talk to the manufacturer and make adjustments to it to make it your own. To be successful with Amazon FBA and Original Product you must consider the design.

If you've come up with an idea for a product, then that probably makes you an 'inventor'.

If you're now planning on turning that idea into a business, then you're also most likely an 'entrepreneur'. There are many hats in fact that you will have to wear in order to make this project a success and many skills you're going to learn, but one that often gets forgotten and that might not necessarily come naturally is also one of the most important: you must also be a 'designer'.

An Idea Isn't a Product

Well, not yet any way. In order to turn an idea into a successful product your product must fill a need and solve a problem. Strange though it may seem, it can frequently be quite easy to overlook this requirement. Besides filling a need and solving a problem your product must have a good design.

Good design should be woven from the very fabric of your merchandise. Design focusses on the expertise, but also on looks that the consumer has when they use your product. Is it eye catching enough to market itself? Can it be designed in a manner that will fit into a buyer's lifestyle? Can it be designed in a way that makes it pleasant to operate, and intuitive to use.

Let's Look at the iPod. The idea and the product was simple: to create a small mp3 player that could fit 100 songs on it. This was the specification it was a straightforward one in fact there were lots of superior players on the industry and that Jobs gave his team already.

What makes the iPod great is the fantastic design. That included the white headphones that made the product immediately recognizable and desirable. In addition, it includes the 'scroll wheel' which was an absolute masterstroke of design allowing users to quickly scroll hundreds of songs in seconds.

You don't have to do this yourself that's where the manufacturer is useful. You may outsource to other services like CADCrowd. But even if it only means picking the base product that is right, then you will need to be sure you are considering design!

Remember: To be successful with Amazon FBA and Original Product you must consider the design.

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