Sell Internationally with Amazon FBA

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Where and What to Sell

Generally going international with any business is challenging, but with Amazon it can be achieved a little easier. Amazon actually has 14 sites where you can sell internationally. We are all aware of but here is a graphic of all the other Amazon sites that are available.

sell internationally with Amazon
Current List of Sites where you can sell internationally with Amazon

Amazon US meanwhile will cater to Canada and Mexico. You can opt to register to all of these, but it's a fantastic idea to start with just one and Amazon recommends that you pick the one nearest to you. In future, Amazon can find a way to combine these sites for sellers and make a single portal. That would be more easy for affiliates!

Before you can start to sell internationally on Amazon you will need to figure out if you are ready. Here is a checklist to help.

  • Understand the basics - Know the requirements along with any fees and language requirement.
  • Research potential markets - Opportunity size and local customer preferences.
  • Identify Appropriate Marketplaces - Are there any restrictions for your product?
  • Understanding tax and regulation requirements
  • Understand international fulfillment requirements - Including export and import requirements.
  • Understand fulfillment requirements - Will you do it or have Amazon Fulfill for you.
  • Decide if your business is ready to sell internationally - Do you have enough resources?
  • Decide in which marketplaces you want to begin selling - Develop marketplace entrance strategy.

Sellers outside the US hoping to sell through will face other potential challenges also. The US to GBP exchange rate provided by Amazon is quite bad for example (approximately 3-4%) and companies will need to register for TAX in the USA. So even if your market is mostly based in the US, you will still need to pick the store that's closest to home so as to make this a viable business model. The good news is that if you live in the US, none of this is a problem! But what if you do not?

The Option

So, what's the solution? One is to discover a business partner in that country to work with that you can make an arrangement they will share the profits and will act as your representative. Another choice is to use an alternate fulfilment company. There are lots of companies offering similar services, and a search will yield working in your area. You can still record on Amazon OR you can opt to sell direct say ñ an eCommerce Store. As long as you have an audience and a brand we respect and are engaged with that this may be a strategy that works extremely well! Finally, you can always return to basics and sell direct from your home. It is certainly possible and will help you take full control of your company back, but using a freight although doing this is tricky.

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